About us

Quality is important to us, not quantity!
We offer you delicious, hearty pizzas, with the widest range of pizzas in Liepaja. Our 30cm pizzas are fuller than other catering companies 50cm pizzas, many of our customers are already convinced of that.
We offer yeast dough, which is prepared with us on site, it is not delivered or frozen. Our pizzeria is a place to sit, enjoy a good coffee and eat a delicious pizza in a cozy atmosphere. You can talk to us if you don't want any of the pizza ingredients, then say we won't.
We also offer 30cm and 50cm pizzas with two pizza ingredients, so it is possible to taste two pizzas in one. If you want to eat pizza at home, then we offer pizza to take away, as well as deliveries within Liepaja and outside Liepaja.